I want you to fail.

I want you to fail. Yes. You’ve read it right. But why would I say that? Am I not such a good person as you expected? No. There is a simple reason: The only way to learn is to fail. I can’t repeat this more often. Literally every one wants to become successful, but almost no one accepts there is no way to become successful without having failed hard at least once.

How your brain works

Whether you believe God has created it, or evolution, one thing is for sure: our brain is flexible. It is not like a bone for instance, a bone will always stay the same once it has outgrown. The brain changes constantly: it absorbs new information and deletes unused information. Of course, it is easier to absorb new information when you are younger, but this doesn’t mean it is hard to absorb new information when you’re over 60 years old. But how does the brain absorb new information? In other words: how do we learn. Neuro research has showed us that the brain forms new neural connections when learning something new. We can only form a new connection. Such a new connection is only useful when we can know it is true for sure, this is trivial. An example of an irrelevant new connection is a relevant new connection. Yes, you’ve read it right, again. We can only do something right once we have done it wrong. If you do something the right way on first try, it’s pure coincidence. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. There are over 7 billion people on this world, and the information stored in each of the 7 billion brains is unique. This is what makes life so beautiful.

“If you do something the right way on first try, it’s pure coincidence.”

How to win

As explained above, you need to fail to learn something. Should you fail on purpose, then? If you purpose is to fail, and you fail, you actually succeed. So: no. The way to achieve success is to do as much as you can. I can’t urge enough how important it is to make a distinction between doing and thinking. Too many people think a lot, but forget the doing part. You might have a perfect plan in your head, but if you don’t execute it, you will never be able to learn from it. When you actually do instead of just think, you will fail, and not just once. This is what I want to see. I want you to fail, so I know you are actually learning. Your failures are the fundament of your future. Use them as a staircase, to become the best version of yourself. Without this mindset, I wouldn’t have been able to turn this account into a 5 figure education platform.

The Growing Investor



How to attract investors.

Since we always talk about starting a company, I thought it’d be a good idea to explain something you’ll always need when starting your own business: how to attract investors for your startup.

Investors buy your vision.

The first step you need to take is very clear. Have a vision. Genuinely believe in your idea and vision. Rehearse your vision with friends and colleagues and make sure they buy your vision. This says a lot about the strength of your vision. If you can’t have your friends buy your vision, you can’t do it with unknown experienced investors either. You can have a great product, but if you don’t have enough ambitions, creativity, and motivation investors won’t be interested in investing their funds in your startup.

Bringing your vision to investors.

Only after you have convinced your friends, share your ideas with potential investors. These investors can be found through only one way: networking. There is a saying that goes: “Your network defines you net worth”. And it’s true, especially in this case. If you know some people with capital, speak to them, and if they aren’t interested for whatever reason, ask them if you can speak a friend. You can go on like this until you’ve spoken with a lot of wealthy and influential people. Note: finding investors via social media is possible too, but a lot harder. Go for the real world in this one. Just take initiative, ask around in your circle. Money is everywhere around you, even though you think it’s not.

Always remember this: investors want their money to work for them.

They usually like cool projects, and your job is to prove them you can execute and create a sense of confidence in your investors. Prove them you don’t need their time, but you need their money. Make them believe in your vision, and make them believe you’re capable of actually fulfilling that vision.

Investors are not dumb.

They know, and so should you, it’s very hard to make anything happen all by yourself. Next to that, it’s a great risk investing only in the skills of a single person. Surround yourself with others that like your vision and can help you bring it into life. You will need partners, contractors, employees, etc.

Since I don’t have that much experience with finding investors personally. I’ve asked a good friend for help; Tomash Devenishek who is the founder of Crptosportz. Tomash has a lot of experience in finding investors, for his successful startups. CryptoSportz just recently has launched a decentralized sports betting exchange; check it out!


Meet Jia Ruan, the 22-year old motivation guru.

Who is Jia Ruan?

In this modern world, the Internet has begun to play a major role in our lives. Social media has changed the mindset of the so-called ‘millennial’. This is what we describe as the next generation. This next generation has to carry the modern world on its shoulders, and the majority of millennials choses to achieve this by going to college and get a normal 9-5 job. However, Jia Ruan, 22-year old entrepreneur from The Netherlands, has different thoughts on this traditional lifestyle. Jia has started of his journey just like everyone else has. But, after some time he found out college wasn’t made for him, and for the person he wanted to become. His mission is to help people become the best version of them.

As we all know, financial freedom is the fundament you need to achieve mental freedom. Jia Ruan has started his journey to achieve financial freedom through reselling on ‘the Dutch amazon’, Admittedly, there are a lot of entrepreneurs on the Internet and on social media teaching about reselling on amazon. However, they are all teaching exclusively how to dropship via amazon, mostly in the United States. Jia Ruan has made his business Netherlands specific; Jia has proven his capability by creating his own business, without copying the thousands of amazon and Ebay dropshippers. It’s hard to extinguish who is original between all these copycats.

Be the best version of yourself.

Creativity, that is the word the world of tomorrow is yearning for. Automation and computer systems will make every non-creative job replaceable. No matter in what niche you will do your work; you HAVE to be creative in order to succeed. This is the reason big companies are hunting the job market for creative minds nowadays. Jia Ruan has made it a mission to inspire individuals with big, unreleased potential to stimulate their creativity. Living in ‘the burnout house’ together with like-minded creative individuals, Jia Ruan has taken the saying ‘your network defines your net-worth’ into a next level.

“Automation and computer systems will make every non-creative job replaceable.”

Being the best version of yourself means you have created a lifestyle that makes you happy on a daily basis. Waking up every single day at 7 o’clock in the morning to work for someone else won’t make everyone happy. To be able to live your own life, you need to take action. Jia Ruan has taken self-education to the next level himself, and now he wants to help others achieve the same.

“Because I didn’t know where to start, I began by investing in books, courses, seminars and mentors”

The average billionaire has 7 streams of income. Knowing this, Jia Ruan is always on the verge of creating another stream of income. This new stream of income is another way to help people at the same time. At the moment, he has:

Many more things are still to come. Jia might doesn’t know it yet, but I know he is too good to stay within the borders of The Netherlands. So, give him a follow on his Instagram, and you will be able to learn from this future millionaire, Jia Ruan. Do in your country what Jia Ruan has done in The Netherlands. Start doing.


Vibe = money.

This post will teach you something about sales. The nice thing about sales is that you can apply it every single day for the rest of your life. Irrelevant what you are doing, you are constantly selling yourself. If you want to make a career or create an awesome business, you will be selling yourself everyday, to your clients, to your boss/colleagues, to your employees, to potential business partners etc.

There are countless of things to learn, but I’m going to teach you the basics of sales.

First of all, know that the thing that will make people ‘buy’ or not, is the vibe. There are several ways to set the right vibe, and it’s completely different in various situations with various people. We will begin with the first tip:

1. Selling is 60 percent listening and 40 percent talking.

Figure out what the person you’re selling to is looking for. Of course, you can talk a lot and offer a lot, but you’ll increase your chances if you offer what the person is looking for. Plus, an employer can see you have great communication skills. Great communications skills doesn’t mean you can keep talking a lot, this is often misunderstood. It means you can filter out what the main point is, and this a skill that every employer values.

2. Selling is all about building relationships.

Here, the vibe plays a big role. As I’ve said before: the vibe is the most determining factor when it comes to sales. Make the person you’re selling to feel comfortable with you. After all, he or she is only buying something from you if he/she likes you, respects you and, most importantly, trusts you. Invest in the relationship before just trying to sell immediately. Of course, they probably know you’re trying to sell something, but that doesn’t mean they are less likely to refuse you if you built a good relationship first. First set a vibe, then sell.

3. KISS.

Keep It Stupidly Simple. This is a common abbreviation used among sales people. The person you’re selling to doesn’t know a lot about the product you are selling, let it be you or a subscription for a magazine. So it doesn’t make sense to explain everything fully in detail. The person probably has no time for that, you wouldn’t ether. Just explain the key points that have to be made, be clearly and structured. Again, this shows you can empathize into other people’s feelings and preferences, which visualizes you’ve got excellent communication skills. At any time, your sales message should be able to answer these two questions:

  • Why would the customer choose for YOU?
  • What makes YOU better than everyone else?

If you’ve prepared your pitch, always check if it answers these questions clearly and straight forwardly.

4. After all, it’s about the product.

Even the best salesman in the world can’t sell plain ice to an Eskimo. You can talk a lot about you, about your product, your idea, but, simply said: it has to be great. For instance, you can’t sell plain ice to an Eskimo, but you could sell him ice cream. Before starting to sell, check if the person you’re selling to actually needs the thing you’re selling. This is often forgotten among self-overwhelming salespeople.

5. Build a reputation.

Whether you’ve been ‘in the game’ for quite a long time, or just getting started. Remember: always leave a good reputation behind. In this modern world of social media and other wireless connections, people STILL talk with each other. Don’t forget that highly effective people network, in order to be more influential. If you sell a shit product or service once, could be doomed for life, depending on how bad it was. This doesn’t mean you should never take risks, this should only mean you have  to know what you’re doing, at any time.


I hope these tips have helped you, and will help you for the rest of your life. Sales is important, and always think about the vibe. EVERY SINGLE SUCCESSFUL person on this planet has mastered the sales game, let it be a sporter, entrepreneur, businessman, president or chef. Don’t miss out and learn the game.


The Growing Investor


How to start investing (at young age)

The question I get asked a lot of times is this one:

“How can I start investing?”

I figured the best way to answer everyone is by creating a blog post. To be clear, I’m talking about investing in the stock market.

The very first step you need to take is cliché, but important. Start doing instead of thinking. Investing is a skill you can only learn by doing. So basically the learning scheme looks like this: First, educate yourself, then apply the skills you’ve learned immediately. The second step is often forgotten.

Now before being able to start doing, you need to know how. Start off by watching YouTube videos. Aim for videos that will teach you the basic fundamentals of trading. A list of the best channels is below.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 2.45.47 PM.png
Best YouTube channels to learn the fundamentals

As you can see, I mentioned you should learn the fundamentals of trading, not investing. Trading and investing is not the same. While trading is more focused on short term, investing is focused on long term. Traders invest in other assets than investors do; traders often trade forex, investors prefer stocks of companies they admire. Stocks are way more depended on the news, in general. You can become rich being a trader as well as an investor. Personally, I prefer investing since it’s less time-consuming. You can only invest in the stock market if you know the trading fundamentals. After approximately 20 hours of learning you can be sure you know the basics.

If you’ve survived that phase, you’ll be able to apply the skills you learned by opening a demo account. Demo accounts are found everywhere on the net, and with most of them you just start with a fictional $100.000 budget. Not bad. Go invest, try to do it the same as you’ve learned before, but now with stocks of companies. You’ll notice there are differences as well as similarities. Without knowing the basics of trading, you’ll be left helpless and unable to explain why certain things have occurred. The phase of running a demo account can vary widely, start with real money when you’re confident enough. A lot of research is required before buying a stock/cryptocoin. But nobody said it’d be easy, if it was, everyone would do it.Always remember: investors get rich on long term. So, don’t expect 70% returns on a stock in two weeks, be realistic! (70% returns on a stock in a year aren’t that rare however).

The easiest way to buy stocks as an underaged person is using the Robinhood app, but there are more websites and apps. You can buy stocks via your bank as well. Obviously, you’ll need approval by your parents if you’re under 18 years old. One of the biggest myths in investing is that you need money to make money. Of course, you won’t become a millionaire by investing $1000, but you can have great returns on it, especially long term. The fact that you’ve learned how to invest at young age is an asset for the rest of your life. You’ll always be a step ahead of those who don’t know how to invest.

Start doing. Do it for your future self.


How to start crypto investing.

You see it everywhere. You hear success stories and you hear misadventures. Crypto trading. Since so many are talking about it, a lot of people are interested in starting to invest in cryptocurrencies, but it is harder than you think.

Before actually starting, you need to know some basics. There are two ways to store your cryptocurrencies. Both have their pros and cons.

Online wallet: This definitely is the easiest way to store your crypto. Using an online wallet, you create a wallet on a website and transfer your fiat currency to the wallet you created on the website. When you have the money in your wallet, you can buy cryptocurrencies with it. The biggest problem with online wallets however is that they are not very safe. The technology behind cryptocurrecies, the blockchain, is immune against hackers, but the online exchanges are not. That’s why most people only use an online wallet for relatively small amounts. There are some tricky details you should know too before you can actually start, those will be discussed later in this article.

Hardware wallet: A hardware wallet is undoubtedly a safer way to store your crypto. Hardware wallets are tangible, and can be bought, mostly online. The cryptocurrencies you own are held in an encrypted Hard Drive. The advantage of it is the fact that your crypto is immune to hackers like this. The only way you can lose your crypto is when the Hard Drive crashes; the crypto that was on a crashed hardware wallet is lost forever.

There are various factors you should consider revising before opting which online or hardware wallet you should use.

To start, there are countless online exchanges you can use. For a list of top 10 exchanges per volume, check On there, you can see that not all exchanges trade all pairs. If you want to invest in a specific coin, go to, search for that coin, and you will find which exchanges trade that coin. However, just choosing the exchange that has the most markets won’t work. There are some more things your should learn about at exchange.

Fees: All exchanges have different fees. You can check the fee of an exchange best by just googling ‘the name of the exchange + fees’.

Safety: Obviously, an exchange with a very small trading volume isn’t trustworthy. Therefore, only consider exchanges in the region of top 30. Does that mean the exchange is safe? No. The biggest crypto exchange hack so far was the Bitfinex-hack in 2016. At that time, Bitfinex was the biggest exchange, just as it is now. So, chosing a renowned exchange reduces the chances of being hacked, but it doesn’t exclude it.


As you can see on, there are various pairs. Sometimes you have to buy a certain coin with another cryptocurrency (mostly bitcoin or ethereum), sometimes with a fiat currency, and sometimes with ‘USDT’. What is ‘USDT’? It’s the abbreviation of Tether, a cryptocurrency that is artificially held the same price as US Dollar. You can see Thether’s chart on . Some exchanges use Tether instead of US Dollar for judicial and practical reasons. In general, if an exchange uses tether, you can not actually buy the crypto on that exchange. You have to buy litecoins (this coin has lowest fees) on an exchange where you can buy it with your fiat currency, and then transfer those litecoins to the exchange.

Below is a list of exchanges and their characteristics:

Coinbase: You can buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ethereum with fiat.

GDAX: This is Coinbase’s trading platform. You can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ethereum with no/very small fees.

Bitfinex: You can buy almost all coins with US Dollar, and all coins with bitcoin.

Kraken: You can buy a lot of coins with fiat.

Bittrex: You can buy basically all coins with bitcoin, and a lot with tether.

Binance: You can buy basically all coins with bitcoin, most with tether or ‘binance coin’.

OKEx: You can buy basically all coins with tether or bitcoin.

HitBTC: You can buy all coins with tether or bitcoin.

Note: Sometimes you see EOS/USD or EOS/BTC for example. If you look at the charts, they look completely different. However, there is no difference since the exchange automatically calculates the different amounts you should get. Some exchanges don’t have USD or even USDT markets, but for the trade, it doesn’t matter whether you use Dollars or Bitcoins to buy a specific altcoin.

The other way to store your valuable coins is using a hardware wallet (also called ‘cold’ wallet). As we speak, the only place to buy a hardware wallet is online, paradoxically. The most used hardware wallet is the Ledger nano S.

How to use the Ledger nano S:

Just put it in your computer, it usually has an usb connection. The ledger nano S has two buttons on top, and you control it using those two buttons.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.19.29 PM.png

At first, you’ll be asked to create a pin code. How this is done basically speaks for itself: you can go up and down with the buttons and confirm it by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Always remember the code, because you need to fill in the code every time you log in on your Ledger nano S.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.20.23 PM.png

The most important thing about the Ledger nano S however is the so-called recovery sheet. This is just a piece of paper with the digits 1-20 on it. After you’ve confirmed your code, you will see 20 words appear on the screen. Write every word down on the recovery sheet. This is the only way to recover your funds after you’ve forgotten your code or lost the device, so never show anyone. Besides, it is extremely important you only have the 20 words on the piece of paper and not on your phone. After confirming you wrote the words down, the device will test some words, and after that you are all set.Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.20.44 PM.png

After that, go to your browser on your computer and go to .

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.45.26 PM.pngOn there, click on ‘Ledger wallet Bitcoin & Altcoins’ and you can download a chrome extension. Like this, you control the device from the chrome extension. To trade more coins, click on ‘Ledger Manager’ and select the wallets you want to download. You only need to be online to send coins; you don’t need to be online to receive coins.

The ledger nano S is priced at estimately $100.

For a video of an expert installing his ledger nano S wallet, click the link below.


Since the hardware wallet costs around $100, it’s not worth it to buy one when you don’t have invested that much money in cryptocurrencies, obviously. However, someone who doesn’t want to risk anything should use a hardware wallet. Since some exchanges temporarily don’t accept new wallets, you might find trouble finding the right exchange. However, the probability of your funds being stolen in a hack is just as small in any renowned exchange, as said before.

The Growing Investor


Motivation VS Education

There is a big difference between these two. In this article, you will find out why.

Especially if you follow accounts like mine, I want you to learn the difference. You need motivation to keep on educating yourself. Without motivation, there is no success, but without education, there is no success at all.

Ultimately, the best way to learn things like these is using examples. That’s why I’ll start giving an example of an educational post.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 9.33.08 PM.png
Educational post


Admittedly, it’s very clear this is an educational post. You can apply the tips directly. When seeing a post on a social media, always ask yourself the question: What can I learn from this? Is it tangible or is it just dry air? Adopting this mindset will result in more growth for the mind. Of course, a social media post is never deep knowledge. However, we can learn from it more than we can learn from our schoolbooks, in some cases.

On the other side, there are motivational posts. A good example is the post below by InvestingSimple (I’d personally recommend subscribing to their website). By the way: My friend InvestingSimple has a lot of educational posts as well, this is just the best example I could possibly find.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.30.25 PM.png
Motivational post

When reading this, it may sound very straight forward to you. However, people often don’t see the difference when scrolling on Instagram. We don’t need to be able to read minds to come to the conclusion a lot of us think they’re actually doing something great by just reading/liking/reposting this post. Subconsciously, we want to show our friends how great we’re doing. Social media has changed our mindset. We are thinking too much about the social media instead of the actual value. This post was posted by InvestingSimple to motivate you, to push you to finally step out of your comfort zone and do what you’re afraid of. A lot of people probably needed this to start doing what they’ve dreamed about for a long time. Motivation moves people, but education keeps them moving. By neglecting the education, you’ll not be able to transform your motivation into real actions. Don’t be like that.

” Motivation moves people, but education keeps them moving. “